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Securely allow multi-lateral data exchange between different information systems over the Internet.

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What is CamDX?

CamDX stands for Cambodia Data eXchange, which adopts the model of X-Road of Estonia. CamDX is a unified yet decentralized data exchange layer between information systems that offers a standardized and secure way to provide and consume services. CamDX ensures confidentiality, integrity, and interoperability between a multitude of different data exchange parties.

The main goal of CamDX is to build an infrastructure that allows for establishing effortless access to data in government databases (public services) without compromising the security and ownership of the data and with minimal technical changes in the existing information systems.

CamDX is:
  • A unified way of data exchange
  • A distributed system based on collaboration
  • A platform that handles data security, authenticity and integrity
  • A unified APIs for easing interoperability
  • A platform designed to be scaled

CamDX is also founded on The Once-Only Principle (TOOP) concept which ensure that the data will be collected from citizen, business and government once adhering to data protection laws/regulations with user consent. The collected data will be shared among authorized institutions. By sharing the data among only authorized authorities, the TOOP reduces the administrative burden and improves data consistency.

[Khmer Version] The Application Process of Becoming a CamDX Member

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[English Version] The Application Process of Becoming a CamDX Member

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How to become a CamDX Membership upon Request?

The membership upon request is applicable for the private sector including companies/commercial enterprises, associations and non-governmental organizations, which are legally registered in Cambodia.

Fill the application form and submit to Techo Startup Center (TSC)
Waiting for responding letter from TSC
Fulfil the Technical and Testing requirement
  • Complete the Security Server Installation
  • Prepare the API Catalog for listing in CamDX Ecosystem (Provider)
    or prepare the preferred API list to consume (Consumer)
  • Submit Information Security Guideline Checklist
  • Submit the SIT & UAT documents
Sign contract after having fulfilled all the requirements
Make official membership announcement

Design Principles

The design principle of CamDX adhering to the design concept of X-Road.


CamDX is a distributed system with no central database performing only data exchange.


Enterprise-class security at the application level by ensuring the authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation of the exchanged data.


No single point of failure. Failure could be partial. Each registry owner can employ proactive measures against any kinds of attack.


CamDX neither store nore see the exchanged data. CamDX only captures meta-data for monitoring and reporting purpose.


All communications in CamDX are based on web services, preferably REST API, and therefore can be used by all developers.


CamDX connects systems built on any platforms and technologies of choice.

CamDX Components

CamDX comprises three main components namely core components, trusted components and its members.

Core components provide registry service of information systems, service health monitoring, transaction log and proxying with information systems about the data exchange.

Trusted components provide trusted services such as identification, authentication, and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) functionality.

CamDX members are entities that wish to communicate with each other through CamDX. Each member connects with information systems of other members through a security server. Thus, all CamDX members need to add a security server, signed to CamDX's PKI, to their infrastructure.

Characteristics of Security Server

Security Server acts as a bridge between two or more information systems engaging in secure data exchange.

  • Establishing a secure channel between two Security Servers in a manner that messages are encrypted, digitally signed and time-stamped to ensure the long-term authenticity value of the transaction
  • Creating an overlay network among its peers over the Internet.
  • Secured by Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).
  • An API gateway with organizational-level access control.
  • Handle multiple secure connections with its peers.

Security of Data Exchange

A CamDX member does not require to develop its own solution ensuring the security and privacy of the data. In CamDX, security of data exchange is ensured by distributed architecture, security server and the use of standard technology.

  • Confidentiality is guaranteed with the condition that encrypted data are exchange directly between members and do not pass through any third parties.
  • Availability of data exchange is practically independent of CamDX and its core components.
  • Integrity and no repudiation of data is ensured by a digital signature and timestamping of all exchanged messages.

CamDigiKey, a Mobile Authentication Application

CamDigiKey is a secure yet easy mobile application to authenticate oneself digitally to access to various government digital services running through CamDX. Users must register to obtain valid digital identity. To login, users simply use the application to scan the QR code appeared in the login screen of the government portals. Online Business Registration is the first government portal that uses CamDigiKey to authenticate the user digital identity.

User Guide
  • How to Create an Account on CamDigiKey?

    Go to CamDigiKey application, click the "Register" button and follow the instructions on the application.

  • Click the "Recovery Existing Account" button, then enter the mobile phone number that you registered with the CamDigiKey application and enter the OTP code sent to the mobile phone number. Complete the process by going through some security steps including your personalized 6-digit pin code or biometric authentication and liveness face detection.

  • Web-based: Go to a website that has been integrated with CamDigiKey application and scan the QR code that is shown on the website.

    App-based: Go to a mobile application that has been integrated with CamDigiKey application. After you click the “Login” button in the mobile application, you will receive a confirmation/rejection notification in the CamDigiKey application. Enter your personalized 6-digit pin code or biometric authentication to complete.

New Features

Liveness face detection

Machine readable zone (MRZ) code reading

App-to-app integration

Web-to-web integration

Development integration guides:

Online Business Registration

Online Business Registration is a new business registration platform that combines at least four main relevant information systems into a single portal allowing business owners to register and get the licenses to operate their business efficiently and effectively. The platform is backed by a Subdecree and serveral Prakases to lower the registering time and cost.

The single portal distributed the data registered by business owners to respective information system of Ministry of Commerce, General Department of Taxation and Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training, through CamDX. The single portal relies on CamDigiKey as its authentication service.

The benefit of Online Business Registration are:
  • Taking only 8 working days to get the business licenses/certificates.
  • Spending less.
  • Eliminating the same data entry at various government agencies.
  • Paying the registration fee online once.
  • Issuing licenses/certificates in a verifable digital form.

In the first step, Online Business Registration covers only the forefont government agencies who offers the business service registration. Those key actors are Ministry of Commerce, General Department of Taxation and Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training. Other relevant ministries will join in the next step. In this step, Ministry of Interior allows CamDX to verify the data of Khmer National Identification with their own system to improve the consistency of the personal data. Among those, Ministry of Economy and Finance facilitates the inter-ministry working group to regulate and simplify the business registration process. Council for the Development of Cambodia is also join the workforce in order to blend the investment data with company registration data.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

  • Does CamDX store the data?

    No. Security Servers at both side of communication do asymetric key encryption and digital signature that even CamDX cannot see or temper the content of the data exchange between two systems.

  • VPN is a technology to secure communication whereas CamDX is more than a software technology. CamDX bundles with infrastructure and more importantly regulations which define who can use what level of data. Technically, participating members of CamDX can access to all other systems run on CamDX, but the level of access to data is different and can be configured in Security Server.

  • CamDX is built and setup locally in the data center of Ministry of Economy and Finance.

  • CamDX facilitates data exchange between multiple systems. Any servers that require multiple engagement from different systems should consider to use CamDX. The first service to operate on CamDX is Online Business Registration which at the moment interacts four main systems.

  • If you are a service provider, your information systems need to be open the APIs for accessibility. In that regard, please contact us, we will provide technical detail. If you are a service consummer, you need to provide us what kinds of service you would like to request. If the requested data is allowed by laws and regulations, you can join with us. In that sense, please also contact our interoperability team.

  • By joining CamDX, your information systems have been leveraged. You focus on your system while we do care for interoperability and secure data exchange. By doing this, we work as an ecosystem that each actor has its own responsibility but complement one another with respect to digital service consumption.


We are happy to discuss with you whether you want to find more information or you want to join CamDX.


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